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Elena Maria Illustration and Design - About Me

Hi! I am Elena Maria, a Graphic Artist & Illustrator.

Photo of Elena Maria, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

I am a Professional Graphic Artist and Illustrator creating whimsical designs for home, office, and gifts. My art is created using vector and digital painting techniques, as well as watercolor, ink, acryla gouache, and colored pencil.

As a Graphic Artist, I illustrated vector icons and customized graphics for the personalized gift industry. I worked on hundreds of prints, some of which were gifted to entertainers in the television, movie, and sports industries.

As an Illustrator, I have been commissioned to create custom portraits, paintings, and gifts.


My work is warm, friendly and whimsical. I add character to just about every subject I draw, whether it’s an animate or inanimate object. I want people to feel good when they see my illustrations in a book, on a card, as a sticker, or on a print.

Group of products featuring my graphic art


I’ve been kissed by a wolf during an art retreat at a facility that studies wild canids.

I used to make party decor such as posters, bunting, backdrops, and piñatas!

I’ve been a volunteer crew member of local cable access shows.

I worked on directing, on-site and field camera-work, as well as graphics for Title Screens, End Credits, and Lower-Third Bars.

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