Elena Maria Illustration and Design - About Me
Photo of Elena Maria, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Hi! I am Elena Maria, a graphic artist veering into freelance illustration.

Although I have taken some formal courses, I am mainly a self-taught artist in both digital and traditional mixed mediums.

I began my career as a vector artist in the personalized gift industry. I worked on hundreds of prints, some of which were gifted to entertainers in the television, movie, and sports worlds.

I then began working as a freelance graphic artist with a focus on stock graphics, print-on-demand products, and art fairs.

During the pandemic, I was able to utilize downtime to sharpen my skills, via online courses and workshops.

My work is warm, friendly and whimsical. I add character to just about every subject I draw, whether it’s an animate or inanimate object. I want people to feel good when they see my illustrations in a book, on a card, as a sticker, or on a print.

I’ve been kissed by a wolf during an art retreat at a facility that studies canids.

Pre-pandemic, I created party decor such as posters, bunting, backdrops, and piñatas!

I’ve been a volunteer crew member of local cable access shows. I worked in set decor, graphics, directing, and cameras.

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